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Will the Real Spring Shades(y) Please Stand up?

Sunnies are quite possibly one of my favorite ways to accessorize an outfit (second in line to a good statement earring.) Seriously though, what other accessory can hide the look of a long sleepless night or an "oh crap,no time for eye makeup!" moment?!

Right now, more than ever we are seeing tons of retro shades making a come back, especially for the Spring season and I am loving it. Vintage styles pull at my heart strings, so all the over-sized and bold mod looks with color are simply AH-MAZING.

As far as spending and splurging on sunglasses, I use the same principle as clothes. I find a good pair of staple shades, ones that can easily be styled with most looks. For me, these would have to be my over sized black "after-hours" Quay sunglasses. Quay is one of my FAVORITE sunglass brands- they are a tiny splurge but with fabulous quality. Also,they kill the over-sized shades game- my face shape is that of a bowling ball, so I live for BIG shades.

Otherwise, for fun sunnies & styles I may not wear as often, I try to spend much less. Dupes for super trendy designer sunglass styles are easy to find these days. As always,remember its all about how you style them and having FUN with fashion!

Linked under the shop my insta tab are my favorite Quay shades and all the styles I'm loving for Spring 18'!




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