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Weekly Winners 9/1 : Beauty Edit.

Alot of my weekly winner picks this week were beauty related, so I decided to roll with it and make it a full beauty edition of my "can't live without" products.

First up, this "TanAF" self- tanner. I bought this stuff on a whim at Walmart a few months ago and haven't looked back. TIP: Buy the mit to apply it with( or any tanning mit will do.) Its a one hour mouse, so you can slap on and roll within an hour- I personally apply at night and sleep in it then wash the next day. It will transfer some color until its dried or washed. I love this stuff because it gives the prettiest bronzed/brown color, as opposed to oompa loompa orange.

Next, my two favorite mascaras. Blowout Volume has been my recent go to, I love the volume and fluffly fan look it gives without looking chunky or spider lash-ish. For a more budget friendly option, my OG, ride or die mascara, is Lashblast Volume.

Comin in hott, is a personal life saver for the days that hair washing just ain't happening. Luxe & Opulent - this stuff smells glorious, doesn't weigh my hair down and gets the job done !!

The two face products that I consistently keep as a part of my face care routine from one of my favorite brands ever. The Ordinary's Glycolic toner and AHA Peeling Solution

Everyone has different skin but I SWEAR by these. This Brand overall, I think offers such high end skincare quality but for insanley affordable prices!

Now, I can do alot with makeup but for the life of me,I cannot draw/fill my dang eyebrows in. HELP! Working on it, but until I get it down this brow filler gives my poor brows some life.

I wear the color 'Blonde" and its natural enough to give definition but not an overkill of color.

Last but not least, I need my lips as full as my brows haha so my favorite lip plumper that I keep in my purse to throw on by itself or over lipstick for the perfect pout.

And that's a wrap!





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