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Weekly Winners 8/20

With the kids headed back to school, I figured its time to brush the dust off the ol' blog. With ya'lls help I'm going to start rolling out a "Weekly Winners" series. Weekly this will feature things like my favorite budget finds, random odds and ends I've found on amazon, beauty products etc.

To kick off this week's winners, is this ruffle peasant top budget find I recently grabbed for $15.99 at walmart! The perfect color for Fall and the perfect weightless, comfy material for the transition into Fall to wear with shorts or jeans.

While we're here, these Old Navy rockstar jeans are not just a weekly, but a yearly winner for me.Every year I get 2-3 pairs and LIVE in them. They are affordable AND fit like a glove, I love some good stretch in my jeans but not the kind that leaves them baggy around your knees after a few hours wear- ya feel me? A mega plus for me is that they come in short, as opposed to just regular length/tall which can be tricky for my 5"1 self.

Next up to bat for weekly winner, is my blue light glasses. I'll be honest I felt like a total dork ordering these- but I love them. I have honestly found my eyes feel way less strained and burned out. I got the two pack for $20 thinking my husband would just love a pair hahahahah he thinks I'm a total corn dog for wearing them, but thats besides the point. They are fun and help your eye health so.....why not?!

In the category of random odds and ends ( which is kinda my favorite) we have

a FLY TRAP hahaa- don't ask. Flies inside the house drive me insane and the electic fly swatter we have wasn't cutting it, and my sister told me about this fly magnet```````````` and well- if you have a strong stomach, the reviews speak for themselves. This thing is LEGIT- digusting, but still LEGIT.

Coming up behind the flies, is a makeup brush cleaner because why not clean your makeup brushes when flies aren't bothering you anymore haha there was really no smooth segway from the whole fly thing. But I Love this thing- was sold on the reviews ( if you can't tell I'm a heavy review before I buy kinda gal) throw a little of this makeup remover in this sucker and cleans my brushes right up!

And on the subject of makeup, these spa headbands are money for washing my face or even applying makeup,especially when my hair is already done or I'm trying to avoid wet hair all down in my face while I'm trying to do my 500 step skincare routine at night. Don't lie like yours isn't - meanwhile my husband just has one bar of soap for his hair, face and body - but thats another conversation haha. Anywho- I like these things.

By the way, this is the exact face I look in the mirror and make before washing bahahahaha.

Last but not least for this weeks, weekly winners are two new beauty favorites.

First up, is Becca Cosmetics Under eye brightner and corrector. Now don't panic on me here. I get that $30ish bucks sounds like a lot for an undereye makeup BUT listen when I tell you that a LITTLE of this goes a LONG way. Mega plus for me- it doesnt settle into the fine lines around my eyes and I also use it as a highlighter on other areas of my face. Trust me,it gets the job done. I wear the light to medium shade.

My second fav. new beauty product and my last weekly winner for this week is this Lucas Papaw ointment that @charlestonglam turned me on to! I have chronic dry lips and it drives me crazy. All a girl wants to do is wear a cute matte lipstick without lumps and chunks, am I right?! I wear this stuff every night and basically throughout the day. I also use it under my eyes if they get dry at night and on things like the kids diaper rashes etc. This stuff is MAGIC!

Alllll right friends- thats it for the first roll out of my Weekly Winners! If theres anything more you'd like to see or have me add, just shoot me a message or email and let me know!





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