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Unfiltered Self-Care

Let me go ahead and plant this right here before I even touch on my experience with fitness, working out etc. COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY (in any aspect of life.) I know easier said than done, in a world inundated with social media full of “I just had a baby 2 days ago bounce backs," filters and 20 year olds in cute workout clothes. And I ain’t mad at them & I love cute workout clothes- but girl, be proud and work with what ya momma and the good Lord gave ya. Do what feels right and works for YOUR LIFE & YOUR BODY. (Here I am in all my unfiltered glory, ya'll!)

Working out is truly is one of my favorite means of self-care. I'm talking SANITY > VANITY up in here, people. I’m more patience with the kids and have more pep in my step in general when I get my body moving and grooving’. I am in no way a workout or nutrition expert,endorsed by any programs, this is just my experience and what works for my life right now.

After the birth of my first child, I hit a major road block health wise (to read more about that see my autoimmune blog.) I was adjusting to my postpartum body coupled with a plethora of health hurdles, so I threw all caution to the wind, contacted a personal trainer and I went HARD, ya’ll.

At the time it was what I NEEDED to take the reigns back on my health, not just my body. I pushed myself to get up at 5 am most mornings and head to the gym to get my work out in before anyone aka the toddler, was awake. I busted my literal butt and learned how proper nutrition coupled with the right workouts could not only change my body, but my overall health.

Now insert pregnancy #2 here. I was determined to not gain what I did in my first pregnancy, ya’ll I’m talking 70+ pounds of misery on my 5’1 frame-YIKES.(I'm sorry but I can't help but die laughing when I look at the picture below- its ok, you can laugh too!)

I remained pretty true to my workouts (modified) and nutrition.I gained 30 pounds my second pregnancy and it made a world of difference for me. It was more enjoyable and I was more comfortable (I use that word loosely when referring to pregancy-hah!) This was purely my experience with pregnancy and weight gain- everyone’s body is different period, but especially during pregnancy.

After Benji was born, I tried to get back into my gym rat mojo BUT I quickly realized, it was just not going to happen for the time being. Between toddler and baby nap schedules, feedings, no sleep etc. I struggled to find a new norm that involved time for me to workout. I was feeling icky and out of sorts, and knew I had to do something. So I decided If I couldn’t go to the gym, I needed to bring the gym to me. At- home workouts it was going to be and I went on the hunt for what I could do in my living room or garage that didn’t require insane equipment or break the bank.

I find I’m more successful when I have a program to follow. My brain is constantly so joggled with the kids and things to do, that having an app or program to tell me what workout to do and how to do it, is MY JAM. I love that these types of workouts, don’t require any mental effort from me except the will power to get it done.The two apps/programs I love and have used/currently use for my at home work outs are the Nike Training App and Kayla Itsine’s BBG app. I am not sponsored or endorsed by either of these.

I currently use Kayla Itsine’s BBG app and I LOVE IT! I love that she offers a postpartum workout program, in addition to her BBG program, weights program etc. It is a subscription of about $20 bucks a month. My favorite part is the workouts are 28-30 mins. I can squeeze them in during nap time and still break a killer sweat. The app shows you exactly how to do the workout moves and you have the option of a calendar to tell you what day to do what workout, along with a nutrition tracker. #NOBRAINER

The Nike training app is FREE and also, shows you work out moves and how to do them. Within this app you can create programs to meet goals and choose workouts on based time, body group, fitness level and available equipment.

Lastly,an unexpected perk to working out at home is the exposure Coco gets. It’s not the easiest to work out with a toddler, but it makes me SO happy when she wants to join in on the fun. We get to have conversation and bond over making our minds and bodies strong.Now, I'm certainly not in the greatest shape I've ever been in and you know what?! It's OK! But I'm showing her that caring for the body YOU have and doing things that you enjoy and make you feel good are an important part of life.

With all this said,find what makes you feel good and strong- mentally and physically, and do it, girl! Whether its yoga, boxing, the gym, a brisk walk on your lunch break- Whatever it is, this is YOUR life & YOUR body-so BE CONFIDENT. BE KIND & BE BADASS.




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