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THE Messy Bun How-to

If you know me or follow me,you know I LOVE a good, big messy bun and I admittedly rock this hair style probably 90% of the time. As a mom, when it comes to getting ready its a race against the clock most days, so I need a go-to hair style that I can quite literally toss up in minutes and run with. The best part about this hairstyle is that you can make it as messy or polished as you like and its pairs well with any look.

Now, I'm no hair guru but I've got some messy bun experience under my belt, so below are the 6 steps I take to achieve my "messy" bun look. [ I have medium length straight hair, a bit past my shoulders.]

3 Things you'll need Bobby pins (I use a lot),hairspray & a good brush to tease with.

1. Put your hair up in a high ponytail (as high as you like!)

2. With one hand hold the end of your ponytail and with the other take your brush and tease the mid-lower part of the ponytail down to the base until you create a pouf and give it some hair spray.

3.(keep in mind this picture is a side view) Take the end of the ponytail and wrap loosely around base, forming almost a croissant like shape and pin.

4. (This is also a side view) Now gently pull the front part of the "croissant" to meet the back/side-ish part and pin.

5.The fun part! Fluff,mess and pin as much as you like! I Tend to pin around the base and do it a little tighter and then gently tug on them for extra fluff.

6. Wah-lah! Now spray that baby with some hair spray and work it, girl.

Don't be discouraged if your messy bun doesn't look exactly like mine (not that mines a gold standard for this style or anything) because the best part about the messy bun, is its just that. It's a MESSY bun not a perfect bun, so literally MESS with it and have fun until you find the look you like!




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