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The Coco Collab: Coco's Top 5 Old Navy mini-style Spring picks!

Coco Rose is my biggest inspiration and #1 fan, so when she wanted in on the blogging fun today- I said "COME ON, Girl! LET'S DO THIS!"

We narrowed our choices down because #TODDLER . So we went with her top 5 Spring favorites from Old Navy ,one of our favorite stores to shop together at! I scrolled and Coco picked every single look and told me why (even better- most her picks are under 20.00!)

Ya'll -This is honestly my favorite blog to date. We laughed, looked and linked and here is the outcome :

#1. Coco chose this fab. yellow polka dot dress because " This is like Belle.I love her.Belle dress is so pretty and yellow." I mean princess style inspo is never a bad idea.

#2. Coco chose these adorable pink bow slides ( I mean, I would wear these!) because

" Mommy, these are pink and they are sandals and you wear sandals to the beach." What can I say, she's a pratical stylist-hah!

#3. Coco chose this adorable off the shoulder linen dress because " That is rainbows. Rainbows is pretty,MOM." No denying this is my spawn.

#4. Coco chose this cute ruffle sleeve casual tee because "Aweeee look its a sup-ah cool kitty cat, surfer cat. The cat has BIG shiny glasses on. That kitty cat is going to the beach and surfing, mom." You got me at shiny glasses and ruffle sleeve, kid.

#5. Lastly, Coco's most enthusiastic pick was a lavendar tutu tank dress because " It's a PURPLE ballerina dress and you can do so much fun dancing and lots of twirls." <Proceeds to get up and dance> Hey girl, if an outfit makes you get up out ya seat and move it- GET IT!

Coco hopes you all love the "super cool" clothes she picked and wants me to tell everyone that they are "so pretty!"



Savannah & Coco


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