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Spice Girl Mom Hair Tutorial : Fun Bun Braids

Ready to spice up that life with some cute bun braids?! I love them because they're a fun change from my regular old top knot and messy bun, plus I can hardly stand my hair down on my neck in this Charleston humidity and these do the job! Side note: I 100% love The Spice Girls and their music. AH, the nostalgia!

(Coco and I's matching hair ties are hand made by Shay Shay Design ! I love love love them!)

You'll need a hairbands (grab 6 just in case!) ,bobby pins and a comb for parting, for this easy hair style!

1.Part your hair and braid back into two half-french braids, banding the extra hair into two small ponytails. I like my buns on the top of my head, so I only braid back to the crown of my head . Of course, you can braid all the way or back further depending on whether you want your buns higher or lower on your head. If you hair is shorter, you may have to do a half up, half down hair style with this, which is equally as cute! Also, don't stress your braids dont have to be perfectly beautiful or tight for this style.

2. Split the remaining hair down the middle and gather together with each small ponytail you created from the half braids. You can band these to make two larger ponytails if thats easier, before wrapping into the two messy buns. Once you that done, just throw them up and wrap into two messy buns. Again, don't stress about perfection, this is meant to look messy and fun! This part is so crooked but it still looked super cute! If a crooked part isn't your thing ( hah!), creating a equal part with the end of a fine tooth comb is an easy way to get a pretty part.

3. After my buns are up, I like to play with them and if I have wild hairs or the buns feel too loose ( this might be the case for those of you with long hair) I just pin and tuck the wild hairs or just some of the looser parts of the bun. If your like me and like EXTRA reinforcement, band your messy buns again....and wah- lah! If you like a "puffier" not so tight to your head braided look, I like to take a bobby pin and slide it under the braid and gently pull up, so as not to pull the braid apart but to "lift it" and do this throughout the braid.

PS. These super cute hand made hair ties (that also come in mommy & me sets )are made by Shay Shay Design! They are the perfect accessory for braids, ponytails & messy buns- I'm obsessed!

I love seeing ya'lls style, so send me pics of those buns ( hair buns that is,) huns!





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