Save the Date..Night!

Somewhere between babies,laundry,sleep deprived nights, work and no lack of toddler birthday parties to attend; I sometimes find that my husband,Charlie, and I have seemingly become two ships passing in the night. It's in those moments, I have to remind myself that Charlie and I are the foundation of this family and if we don't take care of us and take time to reconnect then eventually the foundation will start to crack and everything else will begin to crumble.

So I am an advocate for saving date night. Making time for each other, no matter what you do. Throwing the yoga pants in the laundry and getting dressed up like it’s a googly eyed, stay up all night laughing and drinking ( except don't do that because hangovers with kids are basically death) first date with Charlie. It’s amusing how shocked he is to not see me in workout clothes with a baby on my hip, looking like an extra in an episode of The Walking Dead. It's also amazing how much of a pep in my step, it gives me to get dolled up, have one on one time with my best friend and adult conversation, even if all we talk about is the kids the whole time.

For date night style, I tend to go for whatever makes me feel sexy and fierce as a mother (literally.) There is no date night dress code but all I’m saying is if you want to dress like you’re going to meet the Queen of England, DO IT. Girl, live your best extra life. Let’s be honest, these date nights are few and far between, so why not?! Regardless of a more dressy or casual occasion, I tend to go for something bold and fun with a flare of sexy. For me, if it can’t be worn while chasing kids, then I know I’ve nailed the look I’m going for.

So grab your person and throw on whatever makes you feel like a million bucks and hit that favorite sushi spot , meet friends,sit on the porch together. Whatever you do- make that time and laugh,support and love the hell out of each other.

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