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PRIME Shopping Tips for Amazon Deals

Today is #AMAZONPRIMEDAY, a 36 hour sale that features crazy deals- think Black Friday in July! It starts at 3pm today, July 16th and will run through tomorrow night, July 17th st 11:59 pm. You have to be an Amazon Prime member for most of the deals, but some discounts are extended to all shoppers!

(Suit and Sunnies on my Amazon)

Don't get me wrong, I love shopping and supporting local business but sometimes, I need to hit the easy button when it comes to shopping, especially when two toddlers are involved, and that is where my love for #AMAZONPRIME comes from!

Amazon Prime has saved my behind so many times! From having to hit the stores with the kids, to the last minute oh crap someone needs this for school/Christmas/birthday etc. and I cant find it anywhere,times. So the prime membership is totally worth it to me!

Sometimes shopping on Amazon can be overwhelming, so as you get ready to shop the killer deals, here are my top tips for shopping Amazon:


Let me say it again,100% take the time to read reviews and look at pictures of the item ( if available) from customers that have previously purchased whatever item you may be shopping!!!!This has helped me SO many times as far as sizing, quality,results, is it too good to be true etc.


When it comes to purchasing clothing on amazon, always double check the items sizing chart, typically available in the product description. Amazon has a standard size chart, but make sure to read or check for a sizing chart specific to the brand. Also, as I stated above take the time to read the reviews because a lot of times customers will specifically comment about sizing, as it often runs differently, especially on cheaper items.


Although, Prime is super convenient and usually, right at or below a specific price point I'm hoping for- always make sure to shop around. Sometimes Amazon's prices can be higher than purchasing directly from a retailer or specific brand, usually because of third party fees. That being said, you have to take in account cost of shipping from other retailers and then of course, how quickly you need or want the item.


Now I'm not here to tell you how to spend your money but when it comes to any sale, I like to encourage people to not buy something just because its on sale! If its a big ticket item that likely won't be that price again or something you've had your eye on for a while - I say go for it! I only say this because so many times I get suckered in and buy things just because they are on sale.... and then a year later, there they are with tags still on them, never worn, or unused ....oops!


I want to see all your steals and deals, friends! and if there's anything I've worn or talked about from Amazon you can find it all listed here:




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