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Our Light Up Headboard- A DIY DO!

Ok,friends.I'm about as un-pinteresty and crafty as it gets. Not that I don't love all the DIY vibes, its just when I attempt most things they turn into a DI- NO SHE DIDN'T.

ALAS, the most successful of my DIY attempts has been our light up "headboard." Ya'll know I love budget friendly & easy breazy, so when I saw this years ago,I was sold. I love the ambience of Christmas lights and ya'll, this really is pretty simple and easy!! (it totally is!) So I recruited my husband and we made it happen!

What you'll need:

Set of Curtain rods

christmas lights (prob 2 boxes)

Set of sheer curtains

clear command strip wall tabs

First, measure a little outside the width of your mattress and the height above the bed you'd like to hang rods. Hubby kinda mapped it out like it would be the actualy size of a real headboard and thats what we rolled with. ( For ref. our bed is a king)

I'm seriously mathematically challenged, so I left this part to the #instahubs. We ended up using two small curtain rods that connect, basically because we had them in the house. However, use whatever size you like!

Second, take your clear command strip wall tabs and place them a few inches apart between the curtain rod holders, from end to end. For lots of light, place them closer together and use more christmas lights. For a more suddle light, go further apart and obviously, use less of the christmas lights.

Third, Time to string up the lights. We just used regular old white christmas lights, pretty sure we used two smaller boxes of lights. We doubled ours up as we hung them on the command strips, but really you can hang them however you like!

Fourth, We took two white sheer curtains and put them on the curtain rods. Placed them in the holders and WAH-LAH!

(Benji loves to play and pull on ours, so right now it looks a little janky- but its beautiful and relaxing at night!)

Obviously, because I'm a lil cray about safety we DO NOT leave them on all day. Usually we only have them on when we are in the room, before bed etc. (I mean they're Christmas lights, but please don't burn your house down because of a DIY headboard! )

Alright, pinterest gal fraaaands - enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!




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