My Breast Lift Experience: Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery

*Disclosure : I am a sweetgrass ambassador, however all views and opinions of my surgery and experience are my own. As well, I am not a medical doctor. Please consult a doctor or medical expert for any questions.

Let me start, by saying that I’m all for doing whatever makes you feel good about yourself, as long as you’re confident that you’re doing it for you and not for someone else or the idea that you need to look a certain way to be beautiful or accepted.

Breast lift surgery ( Mastopexy) was personal decision for me and something that I have been thinking about getting for years. Let’s just say that the good Lord forgot to add perkiness to my making ( haha!). In all seriousness, my breasts have always been on the saggy side, even when I was much younger. I actually was going to have a breast lift done when I graduated high school, but decided to wait until after I had children ( and I’m glad I did!)

My natural sagginess coupled with weight gain/loss + two pregnancies + and breastfeeding left me with very uneven, deflated, stretched and droopy breasts. I love working out and came to terms with the fact that there were no amount of chest exercises I could do that would bring the girls back to life. We are also done having children and my husband has always supported my decision to have this done for myself and so I made the decision to go in for a consultation with Dr. Schimpf at Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery, here in Charleston.


*More information about Breast lifts from Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery can be answered directly HERE

Before my consult, I got on the old googler and decided to take in a load of questions that I may have about the procedure, recovery etc. My advice, is to research, ask ALL the questions and make sure you’re 100% comfortable with the answers you get!

At the consultation, Dr. Schimpf looked at my breasts and took measurements to make sure I was a good candidate for a breast lift. Did you know the average distance from clavicle to nipple is 19-21 cm?! For reference, the distance between mine was 26/27 cm! Also, I guess I just hadn’t taken a good look at the girls in a long time and Dr. Schimpf noted that one of my breasts was a lot larger than the other.

Two of the main concerns I went in with were size and recovery.

I didn’t know much going in, except I did not personally want large boobs and I didn’t want the sagginess. Initially, Dr. Schimpf and I discussed I would be a great candidate for both a lift and implant. The implant being more for the loss of volume up top. However, I wanted to be a full B and was nervous about an implant being more than I wanted, so it was decided to phase my surgery. See if I was happy with just a lift and if not, then add a small implant. We also went over what the incision would look like and what to expect. It’s a lollipop incision with the nipple removed and moved up, along with an incision underneath the breast. The aesthetics of the scars were not really a concern to me, and most fade with scar cream and care .

Recovery was a huge mental hurdle for me when it came to following through with this surgery and probably my greatest source of anxiety going into it. I’m a stay at home mom of two, and it’s really hard to mentally and physically, make and take time for myself away from the kids #MOMGUILT but my husband was so supportive and I was sure this was something I wanted to do. Dr. Schimpf assured me that while everyone is different, most people are up and going within 1-2 weeks .( Obviously with restrictions, but I’ll go a lot more in depth about this!) I left the consultation feeling confident in my decision to do this for myself and ready to roll!

PRE-OP Appointment :

During my pre-op appointment, we went over the procedure and any additional concerns or questions I had. ***My advice is to write down all the questions you have and triple check about the procedure you’re having done, along with any expectations.

I was given a multi-vitamin to take, pre and post care instructions, scar serum and prescriptions for pain medicines. I personally wanted to go into surgery feeling the best I could and help my body recover as fast as possible, so I continued to exercise, eat well, no booze, drink tons of water and take stool softener ( which is advised to start doing 3 days prior to surgery) haha!

I also made sure to address that I typically get really sick when I’m put to sleep and that was noted, so that the anesthesiologist would know. The anesthesiologist also called me before my surgery and we went over all my concerns I had with being put to sleep.

Day of Surgery :

I was a whole nervous and anxious wreck, but so excited. I got up and showered that morning ( since you cannot shower for 48-72 hours after surgery.)You have to have a ride to and from surgery, so my mom came with me. As recommended I wore a button down top and comfy pajama pants for comfort and ease after surgery.

I met with a pre-op nurse and Dr. Schimpf to go over any last concerns or questions I had about surgery. Again, triple check about your surgery (even the fancy medical name of your surgery) and expectations.

Going into surgery, all the nurses were so kind and anesthesia was quick and easy. I’m not positive how long the actual surgery was, and am happy to report I didn’t get sick when I woke up! I was definitely groggy and out of it, sore but had a compression bra on with thick gauze and surgical tape around my incisions.

For the remainder of the day after my surgery, I basically slept haha. I was personally able to sit up and walk on my own, but my mom stayed with me until Charlie got home.

Recovery :

Let me start by saying that post op recovery is different for everyone, this has just been my personal experience. If you are a mom or caretaker, I would recommend arranging help for the first week after surgery! I was not able to lift or carry the kids etc.,so make sure you have the help you need or the time off, so you are able to recover. Also, purchase extra compression bras/sports bras that hook in the front- you’ll be wearing these for 6 weeks.

The first 1-3 days post op, were the only days I was really out of commission, as far as staying in bed and sleeping. I slept A LOT, but was able to sit up on my own to use the restroom etc. You’ll want to make sure you sleep propped up ( I used ALL the pillows) to help keep swelling down. I’m a stomach sleeper, so one of the biggest adjustments for me was sleeping on my back. I definitely felt the soreness and tightness across my chest, but pain medication helped a lot. I made sure to set alarms on my phone for the pain medications, so to not get them confused or forget them. Day 3 I took a shower and it was the first time I took my compression bra off and gauze. Charlie had to help me get the bra on and off and I was able to get a good look at the girls. I was SHOCKED at the results and how high and perky my boobs were haha! There was definitely swelling and bruising, which is normal.

By the end of the first week post op, I was up and moving as much as I could within my limits. I went on short walks around the neighborhood, but tried to keep moving as much as possible to aid healing. Also, I switched mainly to taking just Tylenol at this point for pain management and used the others if I felt I needed them. I started to get itchiness at my incision sites ( which is normal and due to healing) but that was taken care of with over the counter meds. Also, went to my 1 week post op appt and Dr. Schimpf checked my incisions to make sure I was healing correctly and to address any concerns I had.

By the second week, I was personally able to be home with the kids by myself ( still no lifting!) If you know me, I love working out. So adjusting to not being able to do high intensity workouts was tough, but by then end of week two I was able to do LOW IMPACT exercise and simple lower body workouts. I was not doing any jumping, bouncing, running or high impact exercise. Of course, consult with your doctor about any post op exercise after surgery. I was also able to go to the beach with the family, but wore gauze under my swimsuit, and did not get in the water. Also, week 2 I really started to feel a very heightened sensitivity in my nipples, which is normal.

By week 2.5/3 my surgical tape had started to lift, at which point I trimmed it until it fell off on its own and at my 3 week post op appointment the end of the sutures were trimmed ( they are dissoluble sutures) and my incisions rechecked. I was healing nicely and able to start applying the scar serum and lifting light things ( nothing over 20 pounds.)

The following weeks, I continued to heal without hiccups and was able to use more movement in my upper body.

Currently, I’m mostly back to normal (with the exception of extremely high intensity workout and heavy pushing/pulling/lifting)I am still wearing a sports bra, as that’s what most comfortable to me but am not wearing bras or bikinis with underwire. My breast are still settling into their shape and size, this can take up to 2-3 months, but I can say that I am so,so, so happy I did this for myself and so happy with my results .

As I continue to heal, I'll keep you updated! If you’re considering having this done, ask all the questions, get opinions, find a doctor you love and do what’s best for you!

Here are my breast lift Before & After :

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