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Life After Breast Lift : Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery

*Disclosure : I am a Sweetgrass ambassador, however all views and opinions of my surgery, recovery and experience are my own. I am not a medical doctor. Please consult a doctor or expert for any medical advice or questions. There are some graphic images included in this post.

I will always start any conversation about plastic surgery, by saying that I’m all for doing whatever makes you feel good about yourself, as long as you’re confident that you’re doing it for you and not for someone else or the idea that you need to look a certain way to be beautiful or accepted.

Breast lift surgery (Bilateral Mastopexy, if you’re fancy ) was a very personal decision for me and something that I had been thinking about getting for years. In the Spring of 2020 I had a breast lift done by Dr. Schimpf at Sweetgrass plastic surgery. I can say, without a doubt, that it’s one of the best personal decisions I’ve ever made. (You can read more about my pre and post op surgery here)

In reference to my breast lift (without an implant) I get asked most about recovery and scarring. If you google breast lift images, chances are you’re going to come across pictures that make the scars seem aggressive or intimidating. I’ll be totally honest here, and tell you that this very thing was that kept me from having this procedure done in college. However, now that I have gone through it, I can say assuredly that my personal experience with the recovery and scarring, is not as daunting as the interwebs may make it seem.

With my breast lift the incision that was made looks like a boat anchor, actually I think they refer to it as an anchor incision or something like that, but don’t quote me (remember I said I’m not a doctor haha.) If you get a queasy stomach easily, skip my next few sentences. For my breast lift, they removed my nipple, excess skin, moved my nipple up and stitched the skin back together. I would say I also had a small reduction, simply because some breast tissue had to be removed because one of my breasts was larger than the other, and my request was to be a B cup. Prior to surgery, I couldn't even say for sure what my cup size was because my breasts were so uneven, I was maybe on the smaller side of C cup.

Dr. Schimpf also made my nipples smaller, cute it you will (haha). So on my breasts, there is scarring around my nipple but it’s hardly visible, a small scar that runs from my nipple straight down to the underneath of my breast ( think lollipop) and then a scar that runs along the underneath the crease of my breast , that is really only visible if I lift my breast up. So of the scarring, really the only noticeable one is the small lollipop scar that runs from the bottom of my nipple down.

ⓒlenka/Adobe Stock

Right, after surgery my scarring was a darker shade of purple/red (totally normal,) then started turning pink and the color has continued to become more “flush” with my skin color over time. I’m sure scarring depends on your specific skin tone and other things you may ask your doctor about, but in my case mine has faded very nicely. I used and continue to use this Silagen silicone scar gel that Sweetgrass Plastic surgery started me on ( can also be purchased at Sweetgrass.) At the end of the day scars are scars, but my personal surgery scars look pretty dang good, smooth in texture, without any big lumps or bumps, my breasts look even and aligned and I think that is in large part a testament to Dr. Schimpfs work!

As far as recovery has gone and life after my breast lift, it’s been pretty smooth sailing. I haven’t had any medical issues, pain or problems. The most "lingering" part of recovery was probably getting back to sleeping on my stomach, but I do so comfortably now. I personally, wore and slept in supportive sports bras for a while post op, simply because it felt most comfortable to me, but I am able to wear any kind of bra now ( underwire etc).

I lead a vary active lifestyle between mom life of two younger children and a passion for fitness. I obviously, had to ease my way back into workouts, but I didn't turn to a pile of mush during recovery (hah!) and once I was back to full intensity, I haven’t had any problems as far as workouts or weight lifting is concerned. One unexpected benefit of my breast lift, has been change in my posture. Until I had the sagginess removed, I didn’t realize how much it affected my posture poorly.

As far as shape, my breasts have a very natural shape and perkiness too them. I always tell people not to panic after a breast lift, there's a definite stage ( you can see in my 1 week post op pic) of "robot boobs." That's definitely not a medical term, but that's what I called them because post op mine were almost boxy and robot looking, and it takes a little time for them to fall into their natural shape. Because I want a little more fullness up top, I will be going back in for a small implant. The implant will not be necessarily for a change to make them bigger in size, but more for some volume up top. That being said, if implants were not an option, I would still be 100% happy with only having had the breast lift done.

Before 2 weeks Post ( still swollen) Fully healed!

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