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Let's Transform!

Just like in my wardrobe, I also have makeup STAPLES. These are my tried and true makeup products, I don't stray from.I am a product junky at heart, and even though I love trying new products,these are my "old faithfuls" if you will. I still apply the same splurge and save philopshy to my makeup, as I do my clothes. Something that I'll use and wear every single day ( foundation, concealer etc.) I'm ok with splurging. Fun trends like crazy shadows, bold lips I won't wear as often etc. I tend to hit the drug store or Wal-mart for to save.

Now, I'm a "a little bit of makeup never killed nobody" gal but whether you like super glam, the au natural look or a little of both- I think having a good "base" of products is always helpful to achieve any look! I've found that with the products below I can go as glam or as "oh crap I have 5 mins to get ready" as I need to.

#Tarte Tape shape concealer & liner : Both stay on beautifully. You can wear the concealer just under your eyes for that extra bit of "awake" look and contour with it! Also, a little goes a loooong way, so you definitely get your moneys worth!

#ItCosmetics CC cream & Blush/bronze/highlight pallette : OMG I cannot say enough about the CC+ cream. Its light but offers amazing coverage and is buildable. Also, its the only foundation/cream I have found with sunscreen in it (hello anti-aging)that doesn't break out my sensitve skin!!! I am equally as obsessed with the pallette because its a 3-in-1 deal- the bronzer isn't shiny, the blush gives you a sweet pink flush and the highlight is just enough for a good glowy, sweep across the cheekbones! ( The cc cream, as well as other It Cosmetics products,come in sample sizes at ulta to try before buying the full size!)

#TooFaced Hangover 3 in 1 primer, prep, and finish spray : HOLY GRAIL of primers and finishing sprays! This stuff is worth every stinking penny. It gives that perfect blurr and glow as a primer and makes your makeup look phenomenal. As a finishing spray , it gives a touch of dewiness but your makeup will stay just as it is when you initally put it on! Ya'll, I sweat

( ew. I know) and this keeps my makeup in place! ( This comes in a sample size at ulta that you can try before buying the full size)

#Covergirl lashblast volume mascara: If you name a mascara, I've probably tried it. Now, when I say I always come back to my old faithfuls,honey this mascara has never let me down. I love the mascara wand, it keeps my lashes seperated and the mascara itself isnt to "wet" if that makes sense and gives me the bold lash look I love.

I've linked up all these exact products below for ya'll!

Now, ya'll ready to transform or what?!





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