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Lash Extensions : Anne Bonny Day Spa

Y'all know I love me some good lashes! Due to thyroid issues after both my pregnancies, my own once "lush lashes" were no more. They thinned a ton, got really brittle and were pretty much non existent. Also, my lashes are naturally white blonde, so to look even remotely awake ( hashtag toddlers) at minimum, I slap on some mascara. For fancier occasions or photo shoots, I whip out the glue and falsies but they're not something I could wear every single day. (insert lash extensions here)

So you could say I was super excited to give lash extensions a try at local day spa here in Charleston, Anne Bonny....and to no surprise, I love them! Honestly, for a lot of reasons, but no other than the fact that I can run out of the house with no makeup on and still look half- alive-totally worth it.

[***Let me start with this small but very important disclaimer : No matter where you decide to go for lash extensions, DO YOUR RESEARCH. The last thing you want is the scenario of lash extensions gone wrong- these are your eyes being dealt with here! So make sure the work of whomever you go to,is reputable and done correctly!!]

Ok, now back to lash extensions. Olivia (@lowcountrylipco) is my lash artist at Anne Bonny here in Charleston. We always "consult" on what kind of look I want to achieve and she explains what lashes she'll use to help achieve this look. Also, owner Chrissy ( who is the absolute sweetest!)makes sure to save all your "lash info" each visit, so there's no guessing what was used to create your dream lash look,when you return!

The fun part about lash extensions is you can go as dramatic or natural as you like. I like to try different lash styles when I go, but I typically lean towards a more "glam"lash.

Anne Bonny offers silk and mink lash extensions. Olivia explained to me that the biggest difference is the silk lash gives more of a bold, false lash look. The mink is a more natural, fluffy look. I have had sets of both and personally, prefer the mink lash. For no other reason, than it feels "lighter" on my eyes.

Below are Before & Afters with Both Silk & Mink lashes.

Speaking of eyes, the whole extension process should be one of comfort, and not discomfort. This is something Olivia is very conscious of, making sure comfort is key at all times! I personally, haven't had any discomfort or irritation involved with my lash extensions, during the process or after. Olivia places pads on my under eye area,the process requires eyes closed the whole time- you should basically feel comfortable enough to take a nap

( which is a total bonus- whoop whoop!) Initial full set will take approx. 1.5-2 hours.

As far as fills, I try to stretch the time between initial set and fills. Olivia is great for helping steer me in the direction of lashes that will give me maximum wear. After care is key to extending the life of your lash extensions. You'll need to avoid water, sweat etc. for the first 24 hours. You'll also want to remove any eye makeup you wear GENTLY with a small brush

( no cotton balls or pads, they will snag your lashes!) and with OIL FREE makeup remover- of course, they have all of this available at Anne Bonny.

I don't keep lash extensions year round, simply because of finding the time for fills etc. with the kids. BUT if you're considering trying them out - they are perfect for vacation, special occasions, weddings, photos etc. They aren't permanent and just simply shed with your natural lash!

Below is the information on pricing and time at Anne Bonny . (If lash extensions aren't your thing, they also have lash tinting & lifts.)

Make sure to use code "BOHO10" for 10% off your first full set!

Eyelash Extensions 

Individual, synthetic mink or silk eyelash extensions are adhered individually to each one of your natural lashes.

Initial Eyelash Extension Full Set (approx 2 hours)$165-$180

Initial Partial Eyelash Extension Set (approx 90 min)$100-$135

30 min Lash Retouch- $35-$45

60 min lash fill-  $60-

CLICK HERE for the Full list of services offered.

PS. They also have the BEST Swedish massage EVER!




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