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Get to know Charleston Blonde, Jaime Huffman

If you know me, you know I love getting real and sharing what it’s like as the mother of two with a big helping of style inspiration on the side. When I met Jaime Huffman of Charleston Blonde, we were actually both shopping at Maris DeHart, so I knew we shared a similar fashion sense. I had always admired Jaime as a local blogger, creative, and business owner and after running into each other at several different Charleston blogger events over the years, I've gotten to know her even better and happy to call her a friend!

Jaime shares local Charleston travel advice and design inspiration over on her blog, Charleston Blonde. I love her style and her take-no-nonsense approach to the blogging world, plus she has the most adorable family! Jaime asked me to participate in her “Meet the Blogger” series to share my insight on motherhood and favorite Charleston recommendations, and she’s returned the favor for y’all:

What was your career before blogging?

I started my career as the Director of Public Relations for a women’s ministry in Nashville, TN. I was also a casting director for CBS and helped find interesting prospects for reality television shows. Some of my recruits were on Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother.

Why did you start a blog? What does Charleston Blonde mean?

I’ve had a blog for over 10 years. My first blog was called Fried Pink Tomato, and it was a

mommy blog following my pregnancy with my son Harper and my experiences as a new mom.When we moved to Florida, I had a blog called Sunshine State Skinny that was a lifestyle and event blog for Southwest Florida. Then when we moved to Charleston 4 years ago, I decided to do a similar lifestyle blog for the Holy City. I was trying to come up with a clever name. My nickname has been Blondie since I was little (everyone thinks I look like Debbie Harry), so I decided on Charleston Blonde.

What’s the hardest thing about blogging with a kid?

Finding enough time in the day. I feel like I constantly have to stay up until 2 a.m. just to finish my daily tasks. A lot of times, Erik works 12-hour shifts, so if a babysitter calls in sick or I can’t find someone, I’ll have to bring Harper along with me. Luckily, he’s a trooper. He’s used to photoshoots and he’s a good little model, but it still makes it difficult for both of us!

What are your thoughts on the Dave Ramsey method and where are you on that financial


I think it’s brilliant, but it’s really tough and you have to really work to stick with the method. I

think our society puts so much emphasis on material things that we end up wasting a lot of

money. The Dave Ramsey method puts in perspective what you’re spending and what you need vs. what you want. It requires you to take a look at your overall financial health, find ways to cut costs and save money for your future. That’s actually what I like most. It protects you if something bad happens, which is really important and something not everyone thinks about.

What is one piece of advice you can share for other mommy bloggers or moms

considering starting a blog?

It’s tough and you have to have a thick skin. Everyone has opinions about parenthood and

parenting, and oftentimes they conflict with each other and conflict with what you’re doing. And you better believe people want to let you know. At the same time, it’s also a great community to build friendships with other mothers. The mommy blogger community has been a really helpful tool for me to get tips and tricks from other moms about some of the things you don’t really learn about otherwise. Starting off is tough, though. It’s a tedious process and you have to expect to put in lots of hours and lots of sleepless nights. Just think about the first 6 months with your baby and that’s kind of what it’s like to start a blog.

Best hack you’ve discovered as a mom?

I love the fact that we’ve made it a tradition with Harper that his Christmas gift from us every

year is an experience, specifically a big family trip. It’s helped in lots of way, from not having a bunch of crap around the house to getting the opportunity as a family to put aside time away from it all and just be together. This tradition is also preparing Harper for the future. Because of all the traveling we’ve done together, he loves traveling and different cultures and different types of people. If you get excited about something, your kid gets excited about it, too. And, late flights! Take the last flight of the night armed with some children’s melatonin for an easier traveling experience.

Favorite song to dance around in the kitchen to?

I love to dance with Harper to the Rolling Stones. He got a record player for his birthday and has been loving adding to his record collection. We’ll blast the volume and dance around the house to some of his favorite tunes. It’s so great being able to share something like this with him and watch how his preferences grow and change!

Local Love

Favorite budget-friendly place to shop in CHS? Ollie’s Bargain Outlet in North Charleston,

they have the best cheap book selection, so I get a lot of Harper’s books there and always look for interesting books to style shelves with. Love to shop at Publix with coupons, especially when I can double up coupons with a good deal.

Favorite place worth the splurge in CHS? Beckett Boutique! Their clothes are nice and high-

end, in addition to being classic pieces that I can wear for lots of occasions.

Best burger in CHS? Félix and Oak. Oak’s happy hour has the burger on it, which makes it a

great deal!

Best family-friendly restaurant in CHS? Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint on James Island. If you’re

downtown, Taco Boy.

Best mommy meetup in CHS? Champagne Society has a really good group of moms who are really candid and talk about real-life situations and issues.

Favorite CHS tourist attraction for families/kids? The South Carolina Aquarium and

Children’s Museum of the Low Country

Follow along with Jaime on Instagram @charlestonblonde and on her blog


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