Southern Boho Family Session with Photographer Elizabeth Cryan

Seldom in my life do I find myself speechless (hah!) but going through our gallery of photos from Elizabeth Cryan, I simply can't find the words for how much I love them. Liz Cryan is a neighbor ,friend, mom and extremely talented family/portrait photographer & artist, and when she approached me about shooting a family session I took one look at her work, and couldn't say no.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that the "stress" of rallying for a family shoot, is what keeps me from planning them more often hah!...and this time we decided to include our furry family members ( 2 toddlers + 2 dogs = cue all the anxiety.) However, Liz kept a constant line of communication and really made the entire planning process and shoot, laid back, easy and fun! ( For more information or to book a session with Liz Click HERE )

Over coffee, Liz and I chatted style, location and any shots that would be specifically important to me to have. Against all Charleston family photo norms, we decided on a"whimsical southern bohemian chic" vibe and I couldn't have been more excited.

When it came to styling the family for the shoot,Liz had great advice and resources to help make styling easier. My personal advice : put down the matching white shirts and khakis, and have some fun with color and your personal style! Typically for our family shoots,I like to pick one main piece and build the rest of the families wardrobe around it. A while back I thrifted a vintage maxi dress from Goodwill that I loved, so I pulled the palette of yellow, blue, and pink from my dress and styled the rest of the family accordingly.

When the day of our session arrived, we met Liz at our location on Johns Island and ya'll,it was like something out of a movie.Breathtaking. The huge Charleston Oaks favored the wide open dirt roads, along the water, where families of deer moved through, and there were no worries as the kids and dogs played and roamed at their leisure.

As we began to shoot the kids started going crazy and the dogs were hard to wrangle.I was sure the "good shots" would be slim pickins, but Liz was incredible at reassuring the control freak inside of me, that letting the kids be kids and dogs be dogs, was exactly what made the perfect family pictures....well, perfect. I honestly think most of my favorite pictures are the ones where we had no idea she was even shooting.

At the end of our session, it was like we'd just been out for a family walk with the dogs, no awkward or strenuous family poses involved. Liz has the patience of a saint and extraordinary talent, she truly captured Coco and Benji's little personalities,the special little moments and our family dynamic, and I will cherish these photos forever.

For more information or to book a session with Elizabeth Cryan Photography Click HERE.


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