Coco & Benji's Earmuffs

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My husband is in the dancehall Reggae band #thedubplates and we love for our kids to experience the concerts and music with us! But things can get pretty loud ( <insert dancehall on the loud speakers here>) and be potentially harmful the kids ears. So when another band momma turned me on to the BANZ Earmuffs when Coco was born, I was SOLD!

Banz Earmuffs are the ONLY baby and kid Earmuffs that are approved to European & North American safety standards. They are super comfy and most the time my kids forget they even have them on! Also, they are adjustable- Coco can still wear the same pair she wore at 3 months,now at 3 years old. And they are prerrty darn cute too - Beyonce's kids wear them.. I mean, need I say more?! For just $30.00 they are totally worth the investment. Plus, now you can enjoy all th outdoor festivals,concerts- heck even Nascar events, without a worry!





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