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Breast Augmentation: Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation is a very personal decision and one you should research thoroughly yourself and discuss with a medical provider of your choice that you trust! I am not a medical professional, however, this is my personal journey and breast augmentation experience at Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery.

So let's get to it, shall we?!

I chose to go forward with a breast augmentation, 10 months post-op a breast lift, simply for more fullness/volume up top. I can say confidently, had the augmentation not been an option, I would still have been happy with just my breast lift. As far as the decision to phase the surgeries, I wanted to see what I was working with naturally after my lift before making my final decision on implants. However, it is a lift, and augmentation can be done at the same time.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is what size implant I went with.

My implants are :

265CC, smooth round, and moderate profile.

I tried on implants multiple times at my consultations with Dr. Schimpf at Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery (which was super helpful) and asked A LOT of questions before arriving at my final decision. We went with 265cc based on my body type and goal of a smaller implant for volume, rather than a large increase in cup size. With my implant size, I am still able to wear all the same bras and clothes as I did before, I just fill them out a bit more- which was exactly what I wanted! Let me say, that it is easy to almost obsess over the CC size and look that you desire or that someone else got, but as Dr. Schimpf reminded me you can put the same exact implant and CC in people and it will look completely different. So I guess what I’m saying is don’t get stuck on size just because someone else got that size, really explain to your doctor the look you want, your lifestyle, etc., and make sure all that is taken into consideration!

Do you know how you take pictures to your hairstylist when you go to get your hair done? Well, I did that with boobs (hah!) I scoured the internet for pictures of women with similar body types as me with breast size and look that I admired and took them to Dr. Schimpf. If you’re wondering, my boob inspo was Jessie James Decker and Jessica Payne.

Now let’s chat surgery.

The day of my surgery was pretty easy breezy and standard. Since I had my previous breast lift, I had an idea of what I was in for. I met with Dr. Schimpf before going in and chatted about any questions or concerns, went over the size and I was on my way back! I panicked last minute and tried to say I wanted smaller (don’t recommend doing this haha) and I’m SO glad that Dr. Schimpf reassured me and had me stick with the 265cc, I would’ve definitely not been as happy with smaller than that. This is why it’s so important to see a doctor with a team, like the Sweetgrass team that you trust!

As far as anesthesia, I am one that normally gets sick as a dog when I get put to sleep. If this is something, that happens to you I recommend letting your anesthesia team know beforehand! However, both for my breast lift and augmentation, going under feels much more like coming out of very deep sleep and I did not get sick after either of my procedures.

On to Recovery.

I feel like recovery is always a daunting thing when it comes to plastic surgery, especially for moms. I will say that my breast augmentation recovery was much less intense and pretty easy vs. my breast lift surgery. The pain with augmentation was more a sore/slightly tight feeling around the incision site. I would say it was more of an uncomfortable feeling, rather than painful. But I was able to move about on my own and sleep comfortably propped up. When I say my augmentation recovery was easy, definitely take into account that the incision for a breast lift is very small in comparison to the incision for a breast reduction/lift and that my implant was placed over the muscle.

Also, I believe my decision to have my implant placed over the muscle, instead of under, certainly attributed to a much swifter recovery. I was personally off all pain meds by day 3 and driving my children to school, getting in low-impact workouts etc. by the end of the week.

My decision to have my implant-based over the muscle was a personal choice and one Dr. Schimpf and I agreed I was a good candidate for. Based on my natural breast tissue, my active lifestyle, and desired look. I would recommend researching over and under the muscle implants for yourself, and discussing your ideal option with your doctor.

I’m currently almost 3 weeks post-op and back to 95% normal. The only thing I feel limited to is heavy plyo movements in workouts and obviously, the lifting of anything over 10 pounds. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my decision, experience, and results of my breast augmentation.

If you have an upcoming augmentation here are some tips I recommend :

MIRALAX- trust me on this, cause girl those pain meds do not discriminate when it comes to backing ya up

PILLOWS- make sure you have A LOT of pillows to sleep propped up comfortably on and have them set up before you go to surgery so that you can come home and climb in bed.

BRAS- get lots of comfy front zip or clasp support/ compression bras. Take in account your “new” breast size and get ones that you would be comfortable sleeping in. You’ll wear these for a while!

DIET- Up that protein, eat your veggies, skip the booze and stay hydrated leading up to your surgery and after, to aid in recovery!

Consultations at Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery are free




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