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BOTOX with Dr. King at Charleston Medical Spa

Lets talk about the B word.


Ah, yes. You heard that right. This 31 yr old mother of 2 loves some botox. The first time I ever got botox I was in my mid 20's, I questioned a girlfriend about how she got such amazing skin and her secret was botox. I was stunned. For the longest time I bought into the "botox stigma" that only people who wanted to look like their faces had been pulled back to their shoulder blades with no expression, got botox.


I genetically have deep forehead lines, which I loving refer to as my "hotdog" forehead and also, did my fair share of wrinkle causing damage in the sun as a teen. Botox just smooths and tightens these areas up on my face . I will say, until l I had kids, I never truly appreciated the wonders of botox though. It just makes me look a little more alive and awake. A little less zombie-sh, if you will.

I am super open about getting botox. I feel like if its something you want to do, go for it! If not, that's totally cool too! Friends and followers, that have never had botox or are interested,usually have tons of questions about the procedure, pain, cost etc.

So I was super excited to team up with Charleston Medical Spa, here in Charleston and have botox/filler extraordinaire, Dr. King, help provide all those answers!

Watch the video below, as Dr. King from Charleston Medical Spa covers commonly asked questions about botox from downtime, to results, units etc.

I hope the video helped answer a lot of the botox q's you have!

Remember that Botox is not a one size fits all.The units and places I need it, may not be the same for you!

I got botox in my forehead, my 11's in between my brows,and my crows feet.

All together my total units for all areas combined were 47.

Broken down into : 17 in my forehead, 20 for my 11's, and 5 each for my crows feet.

Keep in mind, that all areas you may want botox for DO NOT have to be done at the same time! I typically alternate between my crows feet and my forehead + 11's.

Now, please enjoy the treat that is my botox mugshots ( crying laughing at these) below for my BEFORE photos:

Forehead 11's Crows Feet

Botox takes about two weeks to reach its "full potential," ( and lasts about 3.5-4 months ) so I will most definitely check back in with my AFTER photos. Here's to hoping they aren't as scary as the befores.

As far as my personal experience with the procedure, I find it feels like someone is pinching me. You can slightly bruise at the injection sites, but I personally haven't.

Before we started, Dr. King made sure to consult with me over my areas of concern and make sure we were on the same page and that I was comfortable with what we would be doing.

I was then given this amazing ice roller ( I want one at home!), to roll over the areas I would be getting injections, to help give a numbing effect. Also, makeup is removed with alcohol pads over and around the injection sites. I would say the entirety of injections took about 10-15 mins max.

If you're not squeamish, here's a peak at injections into my 11's:

Afterwards, I was initially a little raised and red at the injection sites with little to no bleeding during the injections. This initial "after botox look" was gone within 10ish minutes and I was out and about right after this!

For max results, Dr. King suggested no working out/sweat for 24 hrs after & no laying flat down for 4-6 hours. Something to keep in mind when scheduling your appointment!

Before I left, I asked Dr. King what her number one piece of advice would be when deciding to do botox. She said to not shop around for botox, as in not going to different injectors just based on who has the lowest price at the time. Find someone reputable,that you are comfortable with and stick with them! Also, she made sure to note that botox CAN be tweaked and its not permanent, if there are areas you may want to look differently post injection, it can usually be changed!

As far as cost is concerned, that is based on your units and the cost per unit of Botox. Right now at Charleston Medical Spa, Botox is $11.00 a unit ( usually $13.00) until the end of January. You can buy units at this price and bank them to use later!

I hope with the help of Dr. King & Charleston Medical Spa, we covered all your botox questions/concerns/interests!




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