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Better than the Dog

Our babies have been God’s greatest blessing in this life,that Charlie and I committed to sharing together. At the same time, becoming new parents and navigating parenthood, is one the biggest and best, never ending learning curves that we have faced as a married couple. I remember after having Coco, scared shitless to leave the hospital because who would tell us what to do and how to keep this tiny human alive-hah! (Insert my mom on speed dial here.)

Charlie and I have faced a lot together and as in any relationship, have had highs and lows but throw some newborn sleepless nights in and some “what the hell are we doing?” and “Why is the baby or toddler doing this and not that?” and girlfriend, we’re talking a whole other level of half-dead mumbling and grumbling under the sound of the Keurig brewing. Now naturally, as in most conflict in life ( which I admittedly, do not deal with well anyways) I have found it’s easiest to take frustration out on those you love the most, a lot of times unknowingly.

But I’ll never forget going to my mother in law (GASP! haha its ok guys- she's great! ) feeling frustrated and discouraged– and she told me one the greatest things about relationships and marriage that I’ve ever heard. A friend once told her that in the morning or at the end of the day when you see your spouse, no matter how hard or long that day has been, that if you can only muster the energy for this one thing- meet them with a greeting that is BETTER THAN THE DOG. #lightbulbmoment

I don’t know about ya’ll but in the Guss household, Honey-it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been away or if we've been with them all day, whether they’ve been yelled at for digging in the yard or eating the kids food. Our dogs NEVER cease to greet us with anything but pure love and excitement EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Think about it! Even if you’re not a dog person, on the roughest of days, I’m sure there have been times when a stranger’s smile or someone’s warm greeting or gesture has helped turn your day or mood around!

So I started to challenge myself to that mantra and pray that God would use me as a place and person that Charlie and others can find love, peace and comfort in. And ya’ll, I have found that waking and welcoming my husband home with open arms, even if we’ve had an argument or no one has slept and I have to dig deep for that little enthusiasm and smile or hug, I've discovered it levels the playing field and represents a place of “we’re in this together and I got yo’ back man.”

Best yet, the kindness and understanding to one another has become contagious out of habit. Its funny how some of God's lessons in life portray themselves, never did I imagine those two hairy( #swifferforlife) sweet beasts would remind me daily to show happiness,forgiveness and kindness.

This isn’t just true in marriage, but in any personal relationship dear to your heart. I want to encourage ya’ll that If your feeling weary or broken, to leave all those frustrations, worries or grudges at the door and the cross. And challenge yourself, especially when times are tough, to just “be better than the dog” and see how your life changes!




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