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Best Charleston Spa : Woodhouse Day Spa

It's not often as a stay at home mom of two toddlers, that I get to 'treat myself," but when I do, I head to Charleston's best spa : Woodhouse Day Spa . Whether your looking for a quick pick me up with a facial, ready to unwind with your girlfriends, or relax as a

couple, Woodhouse Day Spa has a service for everyone.

Just the environment and ambiance of Woodhouse day spa itself, is an experience. From the minute you step through the grand doors, the hustle and bustle of life disappear, and nothing but the sight, sound and smell of tranquility and luxury greet you. Personally, there's nothing quite like the experience of being whisked away to slip into an opulent robe, and then being taken to the most tranquil of rooms to relax and lounge under the softest, coziest blanket while sipping on a glass of champagne or a cup of hot tea. ( You're booking an appointment now, aren't you? ha ha!)

Woodhouse Day spa services, the options are endless. From prenatal to deep tissue massages, skincare & facials, manicures & pedicures,seasonal & signature services and even sleep treatments ( yes, you read that right!) there is truly something for everyone at Woodhouse. My personal favorite is the Pure Hydrafacial, which exfoliates and reduces fine lines and wrinkles with the use of a glycolic/salicylic blend, antioxidants peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Basically, it sucks out all the funky junk in your skin and leaves your skin refreshed and glowing, trust me on this one! As far as massages, I love the deep tissue massage, however I think I'll definitely be trying a sleep treatment next time.

Woodhouse always has seasonal/holiday promotions and packages. Valentines day is around the corner, so make sure to check out their Valentines specials ( HINT, HINT!) Also, they always offer printable or regular gift cards, and you simply can't go wrong with the gift of Woodhouse!

Whether you're visiting Charleston or you're local to the area,if you're looking for an unforgettable spa experience, make sure to check out Woodhouse Day Spa. Currently Woodhouse has two locations in a Charleston, one in Mount pleasant and a brand new location in downtown Charleston. Both locations offer the same full menu of services and tranquil, luxurious environment & experience!


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