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Beauty & The Boudoir

I recently got the opportunity to do a boudoir shoot with local budding boudoir photog Thea Deaton of Touchofteal, here in Charleston,SC. I was pretty nervous and hesitant at first because when I think of boudoir- the first word that comes to mind is SEXY. Now, I affectionately refer to myself as "big momma" so obvi. I do not find that I exude "sexiness,"naturally or comfortably haha. BUT the thing I quickly learned during this shoot, is that it's NOT about looking like a Victoria's Secret model or trying to portray something you're not. It's about feeling empowered, fabulous & confident just the way YOU are and capturing the beautiful essence of that!

" Beauty isn't about being pretty. It's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul."

I spoke with Thea previous to the shoot and she made me feel comfortable and re-assured me that indeed, I did not need to look like Adriana Lima to do this,so I decided to get out of my comfort zone and just do it! She helped me with outfit suggestions. Which I was happy to learn that you don't have to wear full on lingerie for a boudoir shoot- you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable & haaawt,honey! ( Fun fact: my husband's nickname is Charlie Coconuts- so the coconut tee was a sweet little nod to him :)

The day of the shoot Thea welcomed me to her studio with openness, kindness & most importantly, champagne (#hellonerves!) But seriously, she made sure to work with me and address any questions or concerns I had to make me as comfortable as possible before we got started!

As I sat in hair and makeup with MUA Ashley Buglino, my nerves must've been showing because she said something that rang so true and was comforting to me. She had done a boudoir shoot of her own previously and as a mom also, said she was pretty nervous. But that an older woman had once told her "Make sure you take pictures of yourself and capture your body and beauty throughtout your life-Because honey, I was gooood looking back in my day and don't have the pictures to prove it!" haha! I totally loved that perspective.

When the session started, I was a bit uptight but Thea helped walk me through poses, popped some more champagne, blasted some Demi Lovato and Beyonce, and before I knew it, I was comfortable and having a blast! Overall, the experience and pictures were classy, sassy & a whole lotta fun.

"Once in a while, blow your own damn mind."

Ladies- if this is ever something you've considered, I want to encourage you to DO IT! Even if its not a boudoir shoot, do whatever makes you feel fabulous and confident & let that inner beauty shine! "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."- Coco Chanel



Thea Deaton is Located here locally in Charleston, SC. Contact her @touchofteal or


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