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Ballin' on a Budget : Looks for Less

Y’all, I am here for ballin’ on a budget. A “looks for less” junkie, if you will. Some people jump out of airplanes…I go on a mission to find high end appearing outfits on a budget. Basically the same adrenaline rush, right?! Seriously though, never underestimate the treasures that can be found at your local thrift or consignment store.

I personally love to hunt for FUN pieces, items that I may only wear for a one time occasion or that I might not wear as often as other closet staples.One of my most popular (and personal favorite) looks to date is this outfit I curated from a local thrift store for a total of $12.00! Twelve bucks got me this killer Kay Unger gingham shirt, high waisted H&M skirt & insanely cute vintage gold clutch.

When I'm on the hunt, I like to take inspiration from higher end designers,trends or styles in general that I love the look of or that interest me. Remember, being inspired by a look(s) means just that. Inspo should serve more as a channel of focus for looks you love. Never ever be afraid to give trends or looks, a sprinkle of your own personal style!

Challenge your creativity and budget, ladies. Hit up that local thrift or consignment store and be ready to surprise yourself and your wallet with looks for less that YOU create! I love seeing everyone's steals and deals, so drop me a line and show me those ballin' on a budget looks and hauls. And always remember that confidence and kindness are worth more than any price tag in the world.

-XO Savannah

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