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A Dream & My husbands Work Ladder

I used to scroll aimlessly through Instagram thinking to myself "Dang!How do those women (bloggers) do it? How do they have it all....oh, they must have rich husbands or nannies or endless disposable income. I've always wanted to do that. No way. I could never do that. Not enough money, babysitters...blah blah blah ,etc. etc. etc."

This was my internal dialogue for a long time. A stay at home mom of two ( and I wouldn't trade it for the world) but personally, I felt, for a lack of a better word- STUCK. I had these dreams and ambitions, yearned to "find myself" again but I couldn't get out of my thoughts, past myself or excuses.

So after much of an internal debate, I decided to seek out a support group, if you will, called "Reclaim You Before Baby Turns Two" that included other moms from all walks of life. We were all SO different ( stay at home, work from home, CEO's ,1 kid, 4 kids etc,) but yet, we were all the same. Battling negative self talk and ideas that we allowed to creep in and tell us "You're a mom. NO WAY. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT ALL You can't have that job. You can't take a night off from the kids. You can't buy that dress. You don't deserve to do that for yourself." This group was lead by Gervase Kolmos, local Charleston mom boss and CEO of Shiny. Happy . Human.

Through phone calls, group video chats , hard conversations , realities and written exercises, I waded through all the knee deep crap that kept me running in the same circles like a chicken with my head cut off. Then one day Gervase simply asked " Why can't YOU have it all? Why can she ( this woman or blogger, whoever it is ) have it all, but not YOU?"[I should note, by "having it all," refers to each individuals idea of a fulfilled, happy life and what that looks like and would be to them. ]

And just like that- I was stunned and totally speechless. The only answers I could come up with were total crap excuses aka 100% self doubt. In that moment, I realized the only person/thing that was holding me back , was ME.

So a couple months after the group ended, that little bug of a question never left my mind. One day as I walked on the treadmill, while the kids napped I decided to watch the Q & A of one of my favorite bloggers Elly brown . It happened to be about blogging, how she started, what it takes etc. I was so encouraged by her,as she talked about her first year(s) of blogging. It was in that moment, a light bulb when off and I realized everyone starts somewhere- whether its a health journey, a job you want, a dream you have, a blog you want to write etc. Where there is a will, there is a way and at the end of the day it comes down to one person-YOU.

And seriously, that day on the treadmill I decided I'm doing this, what have I got to lose?! I'm going to chase my dream of being a life & style blogger. Was I 100% confident? Hardly. Did I have any clue what I was doing? Giiiiiirrrrrrl, not even. Would people make fun of me and not support me? Probably. But by george, I was done being stuck and I was going to do whatever it took to make this happen.

So I told my mom and my husband what I was going to do, #instahubs had no clue but still he supported whatever crazy idea I had (Do you regret this now, Charlie? haha!) So I buckled down, did some research, met with some great people , asked alot of questions, took in all the advice and prayed....and honey, I prayed some more....and some more.

With zero budget for a professional photographer, my husband suggested propping my phone on his work ladder. At first I laughed and brushed the idea off like yeaaah right,dude. But then I realized quickly I indeed do not have go-go gadet arms and 99% of the time I'd be taking my own pictures. So all dressed up, while the kids nap,off I go with my husbands work ladder.( Good thing my neighbors are usually gone during the day, while I get my vogue on in the driveway haha!)

And so with a dream and my husbands work ladder, Bohoandbows was born.

I am a very,very small fish, in a large,extremely talented sea of bloggers and I am humbled by each and every person that is following along on this journey with me. I pray everyday that God uses me and this little blog to add positive value in whatever way possible to peoples lives.

This little blog has taught me more about myself and chasing dreams than I ever imagined and whatever season of life you're in or dream your chasing- I want to encourage you with a few things I have learned:

*Be yourself! Comparison is a thief of joy- you're journey,life and dreams are just that, YOURS. So be inspired by others but strive to be the BEST YOU!

*Not everyone will support you..and that's OK! Believe me when I say, that sometimes strangers will be your greatest supporters. People will make fun of you, mock you, talk about you but as long as you believe in you, then keep that head up and keep pushing forward!

*You don't need a million dollars to make things happen! Just ask my husbands work ladder. Where there's a will, there's a way my friends haha!

*Get uncomfortable. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and see how you grow from it!

* Be genuine, humble, kind & support others! You will make new friends, form new relationships & find community with fabulous people.

Honey, I am here to tell you that my life is a far cry from glamorous clothes and photo shoots. 90% of the time I am in workout clothes, downing my 4th coffee and changing poop diapers between laundry loads- but if I can do it, so can you- whatever it is you put your mind to! So here's to turning dreams into reality, my sweet friends!




© 2017  BohoAndBows

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