Want to know what kids love more than Santa?!

Santa at the BEACH!

I had been eyeing the beautiful, vibrant, coastal work of portrait & wedding photographer Meredith Hilleary, so I jumped at the opportunity to have Coco shoot with her for a coastal Christmas session ! I use the term session loosely, because it's certainly more of an experience for both you and your child. Meredith was helpful and communicative throughout the entire process. She even helped me with outfit options for Coco based on what she knew would photograph best! {Shop Coco's Lullabyset daygown & bow here from Southern Belles}

As a mother herself, Meredith was patient,kind and helpful, as Coco warmed up to Santa. Coco felt comfortable and had a total blast. She asked Santa for a rainbow dog, drank milk & cookies and played in the sand ( I had to bribe her to leave!)

Meredith captured the essence of Coco's excitement & sweetness, and I could not be more thrilled with the end result. I will cherish these precious pictures forever!

SESSION SIGN UPS START 9/24 at 8 am - only 8 slots are available, SO BE READY!

CLICK HERE FOR : Coastal Christmas Sessions.

A Santa Experience SIGN UP. $300

(*Reminder : Sign up link will not work until 9/24 at 8 am!)

"Hilleary Photography is excited to host the first ever Coastal Christmas located on the beach of Isle of Palms in beautiful Charleston. Who says Santa only enjoys the North Pole? Visit Santa as he takes a short vacation to the beach before he loads up his sleigh! The Santa Experience is a private, 15 minute interactive experience with Santa Claus. This experience is designed for children to enjoy their time with Santa in a unique setting. Who wouldn't want to sit with Santa and play games, all while listening to the ocean?!

Children may play starfish tic tac toe, play with Santa's boat or other nautical toys, have milk and cookies, read their Christmas list or read a story with Santa. They may even take a short walk to the ocean!

This session is for 15 magical minutes. Included are 15 edited, high resolution digital images in a downloadable link. Limited spots are available.

Set up includes a gorgeous white beach umbrella, Santa's blue and white striped chair, his jute rug and ottoman, his box of toys, as well as his Christmas tree adorned with starfish. There will be a tented waiting area for children and their parents, which includes festive music, egg nog (cocktail egg nog for the adults!), and seating!"



Alright friends, I have gathered all your questions about Kayla Itsine's BBG program using the sweat app and have done my best to answer them!

Let me say, that this post is not sponsored in any way. Since starting this program after having Benji (my second baby & c-section) I have been crazy about it! Its so simple to use and effective, that I just had to share my love for it. If ya don't believe me, check out the thousands of killer #bbgtransformations . This workout program is a no gimmicks, real deal for everybody,no matter your fitness level.

Here are some of my personal results from the program ( none altered in any way):

What is Kayla Itsines BBG workout?

Specifically, Kayla's BBG workouts consist of 3 resistance circuit style workouts & 3 cardio sessions, plus 2 recovery days a week in addition to healthy eating.These workouts can be completed at home or the gym, with little to no equipment. I do my workouts in the garage at home!

The resistance workouts include targeted workouts for legs, arms, abs, & full body. The workouts include two different circuits, each with their own set of four exercises, which each have a required amount of reps.

So a typical workout/circuit may look like this: 15 push-ups, 15 burpees, 20 step ups, and 20 squats. You'll repeat this circuit as many times as you can within seven minutes, of course rocking it out at a pace that is comfortable for you. You'll then get a break and start circuit two, which will include a new set of four exercises. When circuit two is complete, you'll get another break and then complete each circuit one more time. You'll then stretch and cool down. Trust me when I say,this makes for a killer butt kickin' in under 30 minutes!

The cardio sessions consist of HIIT High intensity interval sessions ( sprints, boxing, running) & LISS Sessions (walking, swimming, cycling). These cardio sessions can be as short or long as you like, for instance I count walking with the kids and dogs as a LISS.

As you progress through the program, the workouts change and amp up to keep challenging you.This is a great way to keep your body and metabolism from essentially plateauing and is so refreshing because its not the same ole' workout on repeat. Plus, its so cool to see how much stronger you get over time by pushing yourself a little harder.

Within the app, is a progress tracker that will keep track of your results. Remember, the only person your competing with is yourself and this is a great way to track and see all your hard work.

How long are the workouts?

Each workout is 28-30 minutes. Probably my favorite part of this whole program because I can get a butt kicking sweat sesh in quickly while the kids nap or before everyone wakes, and its still super effective.

The cardio workouts can be as long or short as you like or have time for.

Do I Need Equipment?

It's not a requirement to do this program. The great thing about this program is the workouts can be done and modified with or without equipment. My "at home gym" consists of two sets of ancient dumbbells, a jump rope, yoga mat with holes and kettlebell- trust me it ain't glamorous,but it gets the job done. Honestly, you can get creative with equipment and modifications. I use a cooler as a weight bench and a chair pushed against the wall for step ups, box jumps etc. Obviously, be safe but there's no need for top of the line gym equipment here!

Is this a diet program?

It's not. However, within the app there is a food and nutrition tracker that will give you access to healthy meal planning, shopping lists, recipes etc. Good nutrition goes hand in hand with exercise, and you'll see great results when you implement this with the workout program.

What if I'm a beginner or have never worked out ?

This is a great place to start. This program and app are basically fool proof. You have the option of having a schedule that will tell you what workouts to do on what day. Also, during each workout there is a person on the screen showing how each specific excercise is done. If you tap on them a written explanation will appear, as well as modifications/options.

As far as extra modifications options go, the "bbg community" option is a great resource, as well as google!

What workout program do you specifically do?

So within the Sweat App there are four different programs. A yoga style workout, BBG with Kayla Itsines, Power with Kelsey Wells and Post-Pregnancy also, with Kelsey Wells.

I started specifically with Kaylas BBG program and around my 50th week of that, I started to incorporate Kelsey Well's power program, which is more weight training based.

How much does it cost?

It's $20.00 a month. Less than my gym membership and worth every penny! Its like having a personal trainer at your fingertips. Also, there's seriously no gimmicks to it- if you decide you want to cancel, just unsubscribe and that's that!

You can do a free 7 day trial,or if you're a first timer shoot me a dm or email

( and within my app I can send you a link to try it out for a month FREE!

I hope this was a helpful look into why and what the BBG program is I've been using! If you have anymore questions please feel free to reach out. Also, if you try it out I'd love to know what you think!

At the end of the day, just move ya body & strive to be the happiest, bad mamma jamma version of yourself!

( You can shop my workout get up here)



Ok,friends.I'm about as un-pinteresty and crafty as it gets. Not that I don't love all the DIY vibes, its just when I attempt most things they turn into a DI- NO SHE DIDN'T.

ALAS, the most successful of my DIY attempts has been our light up "headboard." Ya'll know I love budget friendly & easy breazy, so when I saw this years ago,I was sold. I love the ambience of Christmas lights and ya'll, this really is pretty simple and easy!! (it totally is!) So I recruited my husband and we made it happen!

What you'll need:

Set of Curtain rods

christmas lights (prob 2 boxes)

Set of sheer curtains

clear command strip wall tabs

First, measure a little outside the width of your mattress and the height above the bed you'd like to hang rods. Hubby kinda mapped it out like it would be the actualy size of a real headboard and thats what we rolled with. ( For ref. our bed is a king)

I'm seriously mathematically challenged, so I left this part to the #instahubs. We ended up using two small curtain rods that connect, basically because we had them in the house. However, use whatever size you like!

Second, take your clear command strip wall tabs and place them a few inches apart between the curtain rod holders, from end to end. For lots of light, place them closer together and use more christmas lights. For a more suddle light, go further apart and obviously, use less of the christmas lights.

Third, Time to string up the lights. We just used regular old white christmas lights, pretty sure we used two smaller boxes of lights. We doubled ours up as we hung them on the command strips, but really you can hang them however you like!

Fourth, We took two white sheer curtains and put them on the curtain rods. Placed them in the holders and WAH-LAH!

(Benji loves to play and pull on ours, so right now it looks a little janky- but its beautiful and relaxing at night!)

Obviously, because I'm a lil cray about safety we DO NOT leave them on all day. Usually we only have them on when we are in the room, before bed etc. (I mean they're Christmas lights, but please don't burn your house down because of a DIY headboard! )

Alright, pinterest gal fraaaands - enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!




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